International Librarians Network.

Seeing as I’ve just filled in the mid program survey I thought I’d reflect on how I think the ILN is going.

I’ve been paired with the lovely Karen from South Africa and I am learning so much.

It’s interesting that despite being in different countries, and different library sectors, we face many of the same issues.

We talk about how to get more staff involved in social media, how we manage our professional reading, good blogs to follow, twitter, and so on.

Karen has joined ANZm23things and blogjune and I hope she is enjoying them as much as i am.

We communicate via email on a weekly (ish) basis.

I am reading up on South Africa in my spare time – I realised early on how little I knew about her country.

I hope the other librarians that signed up to ILN are getting a smuch out of it as I am.