So in 4 weeks exactly the shoulder of doom goes under the knife.

Yep, shoulder surgery is happening.

Officially I am having a subacromial decompression of the right shoulder. I call it going in with the Dyson & vacuuming out all the junk, sandpapering down the rough edges and finishing up with a polishing cloth.

Unfortunately the surgery will not fix my shoulder – that ain’t gonna happen.

Worst case – I’ll be exactly where I am now.

Best case – I’ll have a bit more movement and a bit less pain.

So a no brainer – i feel like i need to have the surgery so i know I have tried everything possible to regain full movement.

So then what?Who knows?

It’s keyhole surgery. Overnight in hospital. Three weeks off work (worst case) more than 3 weeks off work (best case).

There is a 0.0000000000000000000001% chance that they will find something when they operate that hasn’t been obvious on the xrays, ultrasounds, or MRI.  Basically the longer I am off work them more likely it is that they have found something.

I think I am okay with my shoulder not getting any better than it is now.

But regardless once the surgery is over I can move on.