Looked after 2 youngest nephews. Aged 7.5 & almost 6 I arrived at their place at 11 am and left at 7.15 pm.

As is my usual habit I took them some books for me to read to them (and for them to read to me).

A couple of Dan Green’s Basher science books for 7.5 and a couple of Angry Birds early readers for almost 6.

We read for a while and then we headed out to Izzy’s for lunch and hot chocolate, followed by a visit to the park for swings, slides, & climbing frames.

It was such a lovely day that we wandered round Elsternwick for a couple more hours before heading home to 30 minutes of Minecraft (for the boys) and then we drew pictures and coloured in manga til Mummy & Daddy got home.

The boys were still going strong when i left but I am exhausted. Think I’ll be going to work tomorrow for a rest!