Thing 4.

Maps & check-ins & locations oh boy.

I have a neat little app on my android phone called Tram Hunter. I use it most days cos it tells me how long til the next tram arrives.

It has options for favourite stops, nearby stops, a tram metwork map, you can browse by tram route. It also runs the yarra trams route disruption feed along the bottom of the landing page.

If i’m really fussy it will tell me tram number (as opposed to the route number), and the type of tram – for example tram #3002 is expected at burke road in one minute (and it is a Citadis tram)

I also use foursquare (but very sparingly) – usually to check in at the physio on a saturday morning.

Last time I went to Sydney with my sister we had to stop every five minutes so she could check in on facebook (& it was bloody annoying by the way ….)

I do have google maps on my phone -but have only used it one – i was driving my nephews to a birthday party and I’d used to get directions. However we were driving round and round, knowing we were very near but just not quite able to find the place when master five and a half (he insists on the and a half) said exasperatedly from the backseat –  “auntie fona why don’t you just pull over and google it?”

I also have train trapper for local train info -I can check if a train is running late so i know whether to rush to the station at the end of the street or just take my time.

I also use beanhunter to find coffee when i am in an unfamiliar coffee area.

In ‘the library wot employs me’ we have QR codes that patrons can scan for info about databases (eg road to ielts). Our library membership cards have a qrcode on them . scanned it takes them to the library home page.

Our libraries are all on foursquare though we don’t publicise it or do anything much with it.

I’ve just noticed that the bottle on the table next to me has a qrcode on it.

Scanned it takes me to the company’s webpage.

I’ve been reading about geocaching but haven’t done anything more than read about it. I have added geocaching to my list of things to explore while I am rehabbing after surgery.

So i guess to summarise I use location based apps to tell me where I am, where i can get coffee, and how long til i get to my next destination. 🙂