Ah email. How did i cope before you came along?

I have many email addresses.

There is my work email.

There is my ‘main’ gmail account.

There is the gmail account that i scan all my travel docs to when i am going on holiday.

There is the gmail account that i use for online shopping and newsletters.

There is my alternate gmail account.

Then I have a yahoo mail account, and another yahoo account for my other life.

Then i have an almost unused hotmail account.

On my ipads all these accounts (except for the travel & work accts) are linked to the same inbox – a one stop email shop if you will. This was extremely easy to set up in email settings on the ipad.

I have an android phone so the gmail set up was easy and i forward yahoo & hotmail to it as well.I can access my work email (via webmail) on my devices and i tend to check it occasionally but i try very hard not to be a slave to it – besides i’m not important enough to need to check it out of work hours.

At work we send borrowers reservation and overdue notices via email. And they can also opt in to receive newsletters via email.

We use eventbrite for most of our events – if the person booking in does not have an email address we will use a generic email address to book them a ticket.

We use eventbrite’s reminder email function to send ticket holders an event reminder 48 hours before the event. Those who don’t have an email address don’t get a reminder!

When we join up a new library member we give them the option to receive library notifications via regular mail or email. Some people opt for regular mail – even though they have an email address – because they don’t check their email regularly.

Checking email at work is somewhat of a hot button issue. Email is our main communication method but not every staff member has a pc on their desk. Those that don’t are expected to check their email once a day – but if an important email comes in after they’ve checked their email and someone else is using that pc……     Not a perfect system.

So there you have it – email on the go, at work and at play…