My brother wot lives in Surrey told me about this (at least I think it was this – he was a bit vague on details)

I loved the idea and have started trying to compile something similar for Boroondara.

Edinburgh Public Library has something along these lines on a ginormous tabletop screen in the foyer of Central Library. It is basically huge map of Edinburgh and when you touch an area on the map it shows authors and books set in that area.

What the map is about

The Surrey fiction book map contains details of works of fiction set in Surrey. It was created as part of the the Celebrating Surrey Festival 2010 but the hope is that it will grow into a lasting record of the part Surrey has played in the rich legacy of British fiction.

You can click on an icon/book cover on the map to see more information about the book and its connection to Surrey. Surrey Library Service members can also click on a link to borrow the book from one of our libraries.


  • H.G. Well’s martians land at Horsell Common in Woking in his 1898 novel, The war of the worlds
  • Jane Austen’s Emma picnics on Box Hill in the novel, first published in 1815

Get involved

We are aware that there are other works with Surrey connections but so far we have not been able to pin down specific locations, these are just a few examples:

If you think you can help with these or know of any works of fiction with a Surrey connection, the map allows you to make suggestions, simply click on “write a comment” and give details, we would be delighted to have your input!

Please note that locations will only be added to the map once we are completely sure of the specific location and details.