B is for Boroondara, CIty of. The organisation wot employs me.

B is also for Balwyn – the Branch I work at.

Officially I am the Collection Maintenance & Adult Services Librarian, although due to the fallout from Humpty (aka shoulder of doom) I feel more like desk fodder.

B is also for batgirl – the reason I became a librarian – books and crime fighting – could a job be any more perfect?

B is also for Brent Dyer, Elinor – author of the Chalet School books. (probably my favourite author of school stories)

B is for Billy Bunter – a staple read of my childhood.

B is for Biggles – source of much of my ‘knowledge’ of WW1 & WW2.

B is for Barclay, Linwood. One of my favourite crime authors.