Linwood Barclay at his absolute best.

Ray Kilbride has returned home for his father’s funeral. He stays on in the family home to osrt out his father’s affairs and to decide what to do with his brother  Thomas.

Thomas spends his days in his room memorising streets and cities worldwide using a website called Whirl360 (which sounds similar to google street view).

Thomas thinks he is working for the CIA and that he is memorising these maps at the behest of former President Bill Clinton.

Whilst memorising a street in New York City, he sees, in a window, what looks like a woman with a plastic bag over her head.

Thomas tries to get Ray to investigate the sighting but Ray doesn’t believe Thomas has seen anything untoward.

Throw in a former Olympic gymnast turned Killer-for-Hire, a ‘clean up’ crew for a wannabe Gubernatorial candidate, and a missing New York waitress, and you have a somewhat over the top, fast paced crime novel with a suprising (wow I did not see that coming) ending.

Possibly over plotted but so well written that I couldn’t put it down and read it way into the wee small hours.

Even thought i had to get up early this morning for work I couldn’t stop reading til i’d finished. Then the ending so stunned me that i spent another hour taking it in.

Like I said at the start