The title of this Marcia Muller novel (#29 in the Sharon McCone series) possibly sums up my feelings for Muller & the direction she is taking her main character.

I have been reading, and rereading, Muller’s McCone series since the mid 80’s and they have always been among my favourites and generally feature in my top reads for the year.

However I didn’t particularly enjoy #28 City of whispers and whilst Looking for yesterday is an improvement it is not as good as her earlier books in the series.

Nevertheless I enjoyed it. I have enjoyed seeing McCone age & grow although some of her associates are a tad one dimensional (and i gotta say it) a bit soap opera-ish or overdrawn.

I’m not yet ready to pull the plug on the series in fact i think a series re-read is in order. Luckily I own all the earlier novels and will fill in the gaps in the series that my library holds.

A good read but not a great read.