Sara Paretsky has long been one of my favourite crime authors.

Tunnel Vision is book #8 in the V.I. Warshawski series.

Tunnel Vision was first published in 1994.

A reprint of this came across my desk at work & something compelled me to pick it up and reread it.

V.I’s office building is all but slated for demolition, most of the tenants have left, the landlords refuse to do any maintenance and are practically sabotaging the building to get the remaining tenants to leave.

After finding a homeless woman & 3 kids living in the rat infested  basement of her office building V.I. asks Deirdre Messenger (local doer of good works) to try & convince the woman to seek help.

When Deirdre is found murdered in V.I.’s office she is drawn into the murky world of homeless families, wealthy families with dark secrets, & political intrigue.

This isn’t one of my favourite Warshawski stories but i still enjoyed reading it.