is anyone else as ‘pedantic’ as I am about  diaries and planners?

Having spent much of the day copying appointments to the new 2012 diary I picked up for $1 in New Zealand last week I realise that I am perhaps a tad obsessive.

About a month or so ago I decided that the quo vadis week to an opening with notes format which i’d used successfully and happily last year and well in to this year suddenly no longer seemed suitable.

Instead I found myself yearning for the day to a page textagenda which i was using as a shoulder journal.

Unfortunately the textagenda runs to the uk/us academic year – starting in july so, rather than wait a few weeks before switching to the day to a page option, I bought a day to a page diary in NZ which i will use until my textagenda is ready to go…

I should point out that at work we are supposed to use the Outlook calendar which i have synced with google calendar  – this allows me to replicate the colour coding system that i use in my paper diary.

I can access google calendar on my ipad, ipod, android devices but there is something comforting about writing things in a diary.

I also have  a filofax in daily use but that is a post for another day.