Mum had to be at Valley Hospital at 7am for a procedure.

At 6.45 am she and I presented ourselves to reception at Valley Hospital, we  were sent down to the short stay unit where mum went through pre-admission, was gowned and questioned ready for surgery.

Mum soon dozed off and TappingBetty and I were left to amuse ourselves – difficult to do as the hospital is undergoing building works and there was a bulldozer bulldozing on the other side of the short stay wall.

Still mum slept, I played angry birds and TappingBetty read a John Grisham book.

All of a sudden mum sat bolt upright in bed, looked at TappingBetty & I, and announced “you’re not Vietnamese” then lay back down and went back to sleep.

She eventually went in to pre-op about 11 and now we wait.

The building noise is so loud that all patients and visitors to the short stay ward are being given earplugs.

We have decamped to Waverley gardens to wait. The hospital will ring us when she is out of surgery.