Yet another girls own adventure (not)

Today we ventured to Coramandel on the ferry. It is a two hour ferry ride which got me thinking about boat & ship journeys in the books of my youth.

On the ferry there was a ‘chinaman’ – in Biggles and Billabong speak this was an oft used term. In 2012 parlance the young man on the ferry was an aspiring model from Beijing – doing a 6 month homestay in New Zealand.

He got us to take pictures of him posing by the rail with the Auckland skyline or other landmarks behind him (or have we set back NZ security by taking photos that he can send back to the chinese spy agency)

Mind you he was an unlikely (and therefore perfect) spy – he wore trendy jeans, a tourist t shirt, blazer and hat; and carried more skincare products than my sister & i combined.

But then again there was a young german family on board. Were they merely a screen and would a german u-boat appear (as in billabong to london)and have us ready to take to lifeboats (only there were no lifeboats) or perhaps we were making an emergency journey to guernsey (coramandel) from austria (auckland) as Joey & co did in chalet school in exile to avoid the nazis.

Or perhaps the young german family were really staying on waiheke island, and our young chinese friend was really doing a home stay in coramandel, and i read too many adventure stories as a child…