Another day another Girls Own Adventure.

So i caught the ferry from Auckland to Devonport. At Devenport there was a bus -destination Takapuna- waiting.

I showed my ticket to the driver, got on the bus and found a seat.

The driver got off the bus, locked the doors, and disappeared into the ferry terminal leaving me locked inside the bus.


Locked inside a bus, no air conditioning, trying to control my breathing so as not to use up the precious oxygen, wondering if the elderly trio waiting for the Stanley Point bus would take a break form their loud discussion of roaming phone charges to notice me trying to scratch ‘help i’m trapped in the bus’ on the bus windows.

In the face of danger i bravely go insane…

How did the famous five manage to have adventures and save the world without mobile phones?

After fifteen minutes of me bravely planning my escape, a man (not the bus driver) got on the bus, started the engine and drove off.

Hmmm. Was i now being busnapped? I was the only passenger after all.

A change in escape plans was called for.

Could i overpower the driver and take control of the bus – stopping to pick up passengers a la Kramer in Seinfeld.

At a later bus stop a woman and small child joined me on the bus. Phew safe at last.

The little girl sang ‘the wheels on the bus’ for the next 15 minutes non stop.

Talk about torture she only knew 3 or 4 lines of the damn song.

But at least i was no longer being busnapped.