A girls own adventure. (or not)

It was such a glorious sunny afternoon in Takapuna that i headed for the beach. The tide was out, waay out so i went for a walk along the beach.

Normally i can only walk as far as a ‘rocky outcrop’ as beyond that there is nowhere to walk, only waves crashing onto rocks and a steep cliff face.

But this time the tide was out so i was able to continue beyond the rocky outcrop onto beaches and rockpools and sands unknown.

Now as a child i was a great reader of school stories, and adventure stories and was very fsmiliar with an oft used storyline whereby our hero gets stranded by a fast moving incoming tide and is in danger of being dashed against the rocks/cliff face or being dragged out to sea.

All these potential dangers crossed my mind as i ventured past the rocky outcrop. At this point the houses sloping down to the beach are replaced by cliffs with (no doubt) expensive houses perched on top of them to make the most of the views across to Rangitoto Island.

As i strolled beneath the cliffs i kept a look out for potential escape routes (i’m pretty sure the tide was still going out but didn’t want to find out the hard way that i was wrong).

There was a flight of wooden stairs leading up into the cliff – as i approached them i noticed the sign that said they were private property, no unauthorised entry, & trespassers would be prosecuted. I
pondered on whether i would be prosecuted if i used the stairs in a last ditch effort to avoid death by incoming tide. I made a mental and continued on my merry way.

A bit later i found a rope hanging from a tree anchored in the cliff. I could reach the bottom of the rope but with only one usable arm i wasn’t sure how i could climb the rope to safety. But i made a mental note and continued on.

Now i hadn’t noticed any caves in the cliff that would lead me to safety so that was out as an escape option.

Another set of wooden steps, these ones with a danger do not enter sign on them.

Having checked out my ‘escape to safety’ options i turned and headed back the way i had come.

Danger averted.