It’s a cold and rainy night in Melbourne and my empty suitcase sits on the floor in front of the TV in the (vain) hope that I will be inspired to pack sometime soon.

I have written a list of what i need to pack but unfortunately the act of list writing does not cause the clothes to magically convey themselves from the wardrobe to the suitcase.

I console myself with the certain knowledge that Takapuna has shops but i would prefer to spend my NZ$ on fun rather than necessities.

It’s tough being an Olympic standard procrastinator.

I have however decided to persevere with left handed crochet – my right arm is (still) not up to knitting nor crocheting so I am trying to teach myself to crochet left handed as I miss the artistic* things i used to do.

So I have packed** 3 crochet hooks, 2 balls of wool, & a learn-to-crochet-lefthanded instruction booklet  in the hope that while in New Zealand I will have the time and inclination to crochet.

We shall see.


* by artistic i mean knitting (badly), quilting (badly), painting (badly)

** by packed i mean put in the box labelled ‘take to NZ’