It was a wonderfully cold morning in Tapville as I ventured to the tram at 7.30am and breakfast in Kew with friends. I love being out walking in the cold and frost.

I was wearing my new earmuffs and i can report that they worked well. My ears remained warm. 

Cannot say the same about my shoulder. Unfortunately it does not like the cold weather – and let me know this in no uncertain times.

After a yummy breakfast of egg & bacon panini (with too much delicious home made relish) and a pretty good coffee it was off to physiotherapy where my shoulder got well and truly warmed up.

I ‘enjoy’ physio – it’s waaay preferable to the exercises i do twice a day at home.

After physio it was time to shop – i had a Readings voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

On thursday I’d spent a Reading voucher on this

Image and this Image so today i went back and used another voucher to get thisImage and thisImage and thisImage

I still have one voucher left to go.

Now i’m curled up on the couch admiring my purchases (and avoiding the housework)