Disclaimer: I am currently on light duties as I am rehabbing a fractured shoulder. As such I have to adhere to a return to work plan developed by my employers return to work officer in conjunction with my physiotherapist and doctor.

Day Senior again today.

8 – 8.30. got the library ready for opening (turned things on, counted money, charged phone etc.)

8.30-9. worked through some rfid problems (fixing them rather than creating them)

9-9.30 emails & to do list

9.30-10. more rfid problems

10-10.30. typed up a staff prep from yesterday

10.30-10.45 trying to persuade comms not to take my photo. (made sure there were no trees nearby as i tried to get out of photo!)

10.45-11. tea relief on info desk. (person rostered on tea relief is in a meeting.)

11-12. final performance appraisal for 2011 (running late as injury put me 3 months behind in the performance appraisal timetable.)

12-12.30. lunch.

12.30-1. info desk.

1-1.30. typed up final performance appraisal.

1.30-2pm. more fridge magnet creation

2-2.30. typed eventbrite instructions.

2.30-3.15. Making sure everything is up to date (and tidy) as I’m on leave next week as I’m self funding my attendance at VALA2012.

3.30-4.15. Physiotherapy.

4.15-4.45. Chat with my Workcover Case Manager about my progress (or lack thereof). Mainly positive response especially as, hours wise, i’m practically back to full time. Next up we work on strength, range of motion and pain management. Main problem (movement & painwise is inability to twist from the shoulder, unable to put arm behind my back or hand on hip, for example.)

The End.

Until next year.


Happy Librarianing.