Disclaimer: I am currently on light duties as I am rehabbing a fractured shoulder. As such I have to adhere to a return to work plan developed by my employers return to work officer in conjunction with my physiotherapist and doctor.

Day 4.

feeling good today.

8am – 8.30. emails & to do list.

8.30-9. Put up new large print signage (nts: take photos!!!)

9-9.30. new item requests (there’s a backlog that i’m steadily working through)

9.30 – 10. replaced australia day display with ‘beat the heat with a cool read’ display.

10-10.30. yep you guessed it  – new item requests

10.30-11. Started ‘designing’ fridge magnets for National Year of reading launch.

11.30-12. finished off the New Item requests (yessssss!) & started on filling ‘gaps in series’ (checking that we have all titles in a fiction series)

12-12.30. Lunch (bought a basketball for my new physio exercises)

12.30 – 1. Info desk.

1-2. fridge magnet making

2-3. Performance appraisal for one of the staff i supervise.

3-3.30. back to the fridge magnets

3.30. home time.