Disclaimer: I am currently on light duties as I am rehabbing a fractured shoulder. As such I have to adhere to a return to work plan developed by my employers return to work officer in conjunction with my physiotherapist and doctor.

Day 3

Not a good day. Very stiff & sore after yesterday’s physio session.

9.45 -10.15 checked emails, reviewed to do list.

10.15.-10.45. More new item requests

10.45-11. Tea relief. (relieving librarian on info desk so that they can have a tea break)

11 – 11.15. created display signage for a new large print display.

11.15 -11.45. Sourced & ordered audio books on cd

11.45. feeling decidedly sore & sorry for myself so headed home for ice pack & rest.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.