Disclaimer: I am currently on light duties as I am rehabbing a fractured shoulder. As such I have to adhere to a return to work plan developed by my employers return to work officer in conjunction with my physiotherapist and doctor.

Day 2.

9.30 am – 10. emptied my pigeon hole while I waited for my computer to start up. Checked emails and prioritised what needed to be done today.

10- 10.30. back to the new item requests. Started the day with 88 requests waiting to be checked.

10.30 – 10.50 Morning tea and shoulder exercises.

10.50 – 11.1o. typed up a performance appraisal.

11.10 – 12. checked 2 boxes of dvds and then sent them to Hawthorn for cataloguing.

12 – 12.30. lunch

12.30 – 1. Info desk. Helping patrons with a range of enquiries.

1 – 1.30. Back to the new item requests

1.30 – 2. Shoulder exercises & tried to chase up an author for an event later in the year.

2-2.30. wrote some instructions on how to use our events booking system.

2.30 – 3. checked emails, updated to do list, tidied desk ready for tomorrow.

3pm. Headed to physiotherapy for an hour of torture.

See you tomorrow.