Disclaimer: I am currently on light duties as I am rehabbing a fractured shoulder. As such I have to adhere to a return to work plan developed by my employers return to work officer in conjunction with my physiotherapist and doctor.

DAY 1.

8am – Arrive at work, coffee in hand. Switch on lights, computers, fill display racks, check the info diary to see if anything happened at the weekend that i need to follow up on. Check info desk email & print off expired reserves list.

8.45. – 9.30. work my way through the rfid ‘problems box. (from our recent rfid project there are a few items with tags that don’t read, or need uploading, etc.) . This is something I can do left handed (it’s my right arm that is weak). I do it quite slowly, taking one book out of the problem box at a time.  This task naturally breaks into non repetitive actions so is ok as a rehab task.

9.30-10. Checked my email and looked at my to do list to see what my priorities are for the day.

10-10.20. Banking.

Noticed that the window cleaners were in at the weekend and that the venetian blinds usually on the window by my desk are now lying in a forlorn heap on the window sill.  The light coming in & reflecting off the screen was giving me a headache so I moved to an empty desk in the upstairs workroom and worked there for the rest of the morning.

10.30-11. Requests. Patrons can suggest items to be added to the collections. Part of my role is to check the bibliographic details on these requests & then allocate them to the appropriate librarian.

11-11.20. I have to take a 20 minute break after every 30 minutes of keyboarding.  I do my shoulder exercises, grab a cup of tea, check my emails etc.

11.20 – 11.50. Back to the requests.

11.50- 12.30. Do some planning for the  National Year of reading.

12.30-1. Info desk time. Helping the public with enquiries.

1-1.30 lunch.

1.30-2 More requests

2-2.30. professional reading.

2.30- 2.45 helped a patron with eaudio downloading

2.45-3. helped out on info desk. (gorgeous little boy named james asked if we had any star wars books and then thanked me beautifully when i found him some)

3 – 3.15. Tidied my desk and got everything ready for tomorrow.

3.15. Home time. (Because i’m only working 30 hours a week at the moment)

See you tomorrow.