This is the email i sent work today to tell them how i’m going.

Hi balwyn,

First of all thank you for all the messages of concern & support. I appreciate it very much.

So what happened i hear you ask?

Well i was out the front of the library ‘helping the police with their enquiries’ when i stepped backwards, stumbled, and (according to the police) built up quite a bit of speed before crashing into a tree.

The police called an ambulance and while we waited for it to arrive i answered some reference enquiries (lest you think i just sat outside the library doing nothing!)

I got to ride in an ambulance (and as an aside i want one of their green pain whistles -they’re great)

So what have i done?

I have broken the surgical neck of my right humerus. (the joint at the very top of my right arm. ie my shoulder).

The break can’t be set (surgically or with plaster) so the ‘cure’ is to have the arm in a sling for 4-6 weeks and painkillers.

As i’m right handed i am extremely limited in what i can do (just ask my sister!)

The pain is manageable so long as i take the painkillers and don’t try to move too much (it hurts to walk even)

I have a stunning range of bruising on my upper right arm.

At this stage i am off work until at least the 15th august – and then rehab & modified duties after that.

I’m staying at my sister’s house for the time being.

Again thanks for all the well wishes and i miss you all already.

Fiona ((trending on twitter as #bravesirtapsister – for all you monty python fans)