Professional development (PD) is a main interest of mine. Especially self-directed PD.

Whilst I would love it if my organisation would provide me with all the PD i could ever want I get that this is not possible.

(I would also like it if they would recognise the time and effort I put into my professional development – but that’s a blogpost for another day).

So when I stumbled across Ohio Library Council’s online reference excellence scheme I immediately had to give it a go.

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What's new in reference?
Library 2.0 and
Virtual Reference

ORE on the Web! A great way to learn reference service.
OLC provides Ohio Reference Excellence on the Web to increase access to ORE training and improve the quality of reference service in Ohio! Six self-paced modules cover the reference process, with resource links, exercises, and quizzes.

I am working my way through the 6 modules and so far am loving it….