I was weeding today (the book kind not the gardening kind) and had decided to weed the 800s.

Now like many libraries we shelve the australian literature (A 800 – 899) in a separate sequence to the ‘rank and file’ 800s.
Anyway as I was weeding away I got to thinking…. why do we still separate the aussie lit out?
Could we interfile?
We could still have the A on the spine label to indicate it’s australian but one sequence of 800s seems to make sense to me.
We already interfile junior non fiction and teenage non fiction with the adult non fiction so the A before the call number wouldn’t be a problem (we already use J or T)
I think that often the 2 sequences confuse borrowers.
If they are looking for 821 and find A 821 but not the book they wanted – do they ask a librarian (occasionally) or do they leave the library thinking computer says book on shelf but book not on shelf?
I say interfile – one sequence of 800s is the best way to go.

* might mention it at the meeting tomorrow and see if they go looking for the nearest tree to string me up or whether i can convince to listen to my idea…