Recent  ‘fiona career fails‘ have had me thinking about why I became a librarian, why I am still a librarian, and whether I still want to be a librarian  .

Why did I become a librarian?

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to work in a library.

I blame Batgirl.

Batgirl was a librarian.

Her alter ego was Barbara Gordon, daughter of  Commissioner Gordon.

Barbara was a librarian at the Gotham City Library.

However when she got home from work and sat down at her dressing table. The table revolved into the wall and she emerged the other side as batgirl.

She had a batcycle and everything.

Books were always part of my life. As a Brownie I had my book badge, as a girl guide I had my library badge.

I was a total library geek. (although I was NEVER a library monitor)

I can’t remember not wanting to work in a library – (except for my long held fantasy for a career as a wealthy international jetsetter!) – after leaving high school I worked in an academic library (Melbourne University) before moving into local government & public libraries where, sadly, I still remain.

But I still really want to be a wealthy international jetsetter when I grow up.

Or a movie star. Or a ballet dancer. Or a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or maybe an Indian chief.