I am really determined to declutter my apartment.

I have wanted to do so for a while but haven’t known where to start.

Today I started with the bedroom. Wardrobe has been done fairly recently so that could be left alone.

One of the main problems is not having anywhere to put stuff that I don’t want in the bedroom; yet where i want it to go isn’t ready for it yet.

So i moved the bed, vacuumed where it had been and moved it to its new location.

I went through the bookshelves in the bedroom. One of them will move into the study when the study is done nut until then it remains in the bedroom.

The bedroom isn’t quite finished – on the book shelves  are boxes of stuff to sort (or that will go into the study) until then they remain in the bedroom.

So the bedroom is almost done  – it’s as done as it can be until the rest of the flat is finished.