So I was day seniorita today.

Rocked up to work at 7.45 (coffee from egg basket in hand) and found the van run hadn’t been (or gone).

Wobbo, the tamminator, holleyann, ali f, The Latimer, sLogan, & the birthday girl, were not far behind.

The chute was manageable -ie not overflowing (or even close to overflowing). But there were all the full trolleys from the weekend to be dealt with.

So we got stuck in – all hands on deck – with regular rotating of tasks to minimise manual handling & repetitive tasking.

As more staff arrived & the library opened to the public we tried to keep the returns under control.

I tried to get the staff bouncing off the walls by introducing a wide range of chocolate into their morning tea breaks…

It seemed to be a successful strategy.

Tis a well known fact that to work in a library you must be a chocoholic.  :>)