Map showing location of new Ryde Library and old Ryde Library

How cool is this?


Community Book Pass

Ryde Library will be closed from Monday 11th April and will re-open on Saturday 30th April at the new location in the Top Ryde City shopping centre, at the corner of Pope and Devlin Streets, Ryde.

A ceremonial Community Book Pass is planned for Tuesday 12th April at 3.00pm, where members of the community will form a human chain and pass a number of books from the old library to the new library.
Books will be passed from the doorway of the existing library at Top Ryde, along the pathway in front of the Civic Centre and across the footbridge, finishing at the Pope Street entrance to the new library.

If you or your community group would like to take part in this historic event, contact the library on 9952 8352 or email, otherwise just come along on the day.

Where: 1 Devlin Street, Ryde (existing Ryde Library, next to the Ryde Civic Centre)
When: Tuesday, 12 April at 3.00pm

We could definitely do this when Camberwell is getting ready to reopen – have the Mayor, Councillors, library staff, library users, community groups, could pass say 20 books from each collection from the temporary library to the new library.

Please can we do this?