So today was library day in the life 2011 day.

On my way to write this post I had a look back at what I posted last year for Library Day in the life and, quite frankly, I could just repost that cos unfortunately nothing much has changed.

So what did I do all day.

I rocked into work at 9.30 am with coffee for me and coffee for the munnster (she’d texted me and asked me to bring her a coffee).

(This morning’s coffee was from Laurent btw)

Because I’d worked the weekend I only had 2 unread emails which were easily disposed of.

Then it was onto requests.

Patrons can request that the library service purchase particular items. My job is to check that all the details are correct and then forward the requests to the appropriate Team Leader (Adult Services or Youth Services). On this day last year there were 37 requests to be checked. Today there were 347 (yes 347, that’s 310 more than the same time last year. aaaaaaaargggggggghhhhhhhh).

There was no way I was going to get through that many requests but I persevered and by 11.15 I’d dealt with 42 of them.

As I’ll be on annual leave next week (taking myself off to aliaioc in Sydney) I needed to write a list of stuff for a meeting I won’t be at.

Filled in my roster request for the next roster period.

Discovered that we don’t actually recognise and celebrate success (unless we’re special)

Then more new item requests.

And more new item requests.

And even more new item requests.

Then (luckily) chocolate cake for afternoon tea and it was out to the info desk for a desk shift.

While on desk I shelved a kazillion magazines, looked for items available for allocation, filled all the display stands with books, got almost all the patrons out on time, tidied the library, closed & locked the library.

So there you have it. A day in the life of a Collection Maintenance & Adult Services Librarian.

Boring, boring, boring.