New Year, New Diary.

So the diary that I am starting 2011 with is a Quo Vadis Weekly Manager.

It is week to an opening (wto) with the seven days on the left hand page (equal space for Saturday & Sundays – yay) and a notes page on the right hand page.

The page slots are divided in half (mornings in left hand column, afternoons in right hand column – divided into hr slots from 7am to 8pm)

I’m not using the hour slots as divided but rather have adapted them to suit me.

So the ‘morning’ column is for work stuff (always entered in red)

The afternoon column is for non work stuff, birthdays (purple), social life (green), study (pink), appointments (blue or black), bills (orange)

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now – it starts on Monday Nov 29 – coincidentally my birthday – and so far so good.