NZ style.

There’s been  lot of talk lately (and not so lately) about libraries needing to display their stock more like bookshops – by genre rather than author (although in an aside somewhere i have a link to a blogpost that has 50+ subgenres of crime/thriller).

So I’ve been in New Zealand (South Island) and was surprised to note that their  main book stores/chains are moving away from genre to alphabetical by author sequences for displaying fiction.

Christchurch – Whitcoulls.

One alphabetical sequence by author for fiction.

Exception – separate display of NZ fiction (on the day I  was there Ben Sanders, Vanda Symon, ALix Bosco, Paddy Richardson were on the general fiction shelves  and not on the NZ fiction shelves. – shouldn’t they have been in both?)

At the smaller Whitcoulls (round the corner from the library) there was a separate display of science fiction .

Dunedin & Queenstown– Whitcoulls

Same as Christchurch

Queenstown – PaperPlus

One alphabetical sequence for fiction. Ken Follett was signing in store the day I was there and the display areas had been changed to promote Follet so maybe there is a separate NZ section on non Follett days.