When I was a little tyke my dad worked at MacRobertson’s Chocolate Factory. He used to sometimes have to work a few hours on a saturday morning so on some of those saturdays he used to take me & my sister into work with him.

We soon discovered that to get to the toilets we would have to walk through the factory. And walking through the factory as the 2 little cuties that we were meant that the ladies on the production lines would give us chocolates each time we walked through.

Amazing how many times we needed to walk through.

Dad worked at MacRob until 1967 0r 68 (probably 67 since Cadbury took over MacRob in 1967). He then worked at the Dunlop factory and, quite frankly, unlimited rubber bands was nowhere near as exciting as free chocolates.

I can remember when mum was pregnant with one of my brothers (probably cam) she craved clinkers with yellow centres. If they didn’t have yellow centres she wouldn’t eat them. So dad  would bring mum home a big bag of clinkers from work and mum, me & my sister would break them in half. Mum would eat those with yellow centres, Dad, Ky & I would eat the rest.

No wonder I’m addicted to chocolate now.