So I think I’ve pretty much mastered the ipad.

What I love about it:

* the size/weight (portability)

* the ease of use

* range of apps available

* angry birds plays great on the ipad.

What I don’t love about it.

* no usb port(s)

* no flash compatibility

I don’t want to use it as a phone or as a camera so the lack of these functions doesn’t worry me at all.

I’ve used it a few times at work (on our public wifi) and if I needed to rely on my local library for wifi access then the ipad ticks a lot of boxes.

Cloud apps such as evernote & dropbox make the ipad even more suited to portable computing, though having said that it’s not really a machine for prolonged business use or essay writing.

It is however very suitable for ebooks and downloadable audio books. (I’ve tried both and it works well with either format).

Now to look at ways libraries can enhance the library experience for tablet users.