Cos I do. I wanted an ipad. I saved up and I bought an ipad.

My three year old nephew thought I said eyepatch and got all excited. And the name stuck.

So i’ve been ipadding for about four weeks now. In many ways it’s like an overgrown ipod touch – thought i’ve tried very hard to not use it like it’s a big ipod.

I haven’t put any music on it (though can’t say the same for youtube vids).

It’s pretty good (so far) for ebook reading  although I have  sony ereader that i prefer.

I’m still experimenting with what it can do – I don’t think I’m using it to its full potential yet although I do love it so.

I decorated the ipad case with an eyepatch (for archiema) and I bought some sparkly pirate material so that I can design and make my own ipad cover.