Fairly normal day today.

10.15. Check roster for changes, check reservations shelf for reservations (there  were 4 books waiting for me), check emails, reorder todolist as a result.

10.30. Follow up on some emails I sent yesterday & Tuesday.

10.45. Asked to find logo & edit for wifi login screen. (particular pixel size required)

11.00. Check if we have (enough) copies of the books being talked about on First tuesday book club for august & september eps.

11.05. Unpack 4 crates of ‘items to be processed’

11.15. Frolic in the compactus (aka finding reserved items that are waiting to be processed)

11.45. Repackage some chinese dvds into sturdier packaging.

12. proofread some 150 info.

12.30. Lunch

1-3.30. Info desk shift

3.45. Approve a periodicals quote & forward invoice for payment

4. RFID tagging fun, fun, fun.

4.30. Start preparing publicity for an upcoming author talk.

5.45. Home time.

Day off tomorrow but need to remember I’m working the weekend.