9.30 Started the day buying Audio Books on CD for our five branches.

11.30 back at Balwyn checking emails.

11.45 Rang iSubscribe with some questions about a quote they’d provided.

11.50 Proof read some publicity stuff that a colleague has prepared for our 150 celebrations.

12.00 Started uploading library photos to out flickr account – (the photos I took of Monday’s celebrations)

12.15 While the photos were uploading I started entering the first 3 weeks of the roster into my diary and into my calendar

12.30 Did some more RFID tagging – still working my way through the RFID problem box.

1.00 Lunch

1.30 The flickr photos are still uploading – why?

1.35 Emptied the ‘new books to be processed’ crates – reserved items to the fast lane shelves, other items to the processing shelves.

2.00 Staff meeting – it’s my turn to take the minutes

3.30 Staff meeting finally over. Just in time for me to go on the desk

3.40 Branch Manager relieves me for a few minutes so that I can have some cake to celebrate Frances’ retirement.

3.45 Back on desk. The three opacs, & five of the internet pcs have stopped working. There is also a queue of people at the info desk waiting. Asked a colleague to help out with the pcs while I served the customers.

4.00 Showed my colleague how to reset the modem, and later the server, to get the pcs back up and running.

4.05-5.45 New members, replacing lost library cards, books on South America, Rocks & Fossils, Predators that change colours, childrens birthday cakes (specifically a princess cake), a recording of Richard Burton reading the Dylan Thomas poem “go gentle…”, check the shelves for reserved items, etc etc etc

5.45 hand over the desk to the librarian on the night shift.

5.45-6 get desk ready for tomorrow.

Off to the theatre for some David Williamson.