After yesterdays cake & balloons today was a much more ‘normal’ day.

Today I was Day Senior – this means I have to be at work at 8 am to let staff in, log all the computers in, make any roster changes, supervise the cash & setting up of the library, and anything else that needs doing before we open to the public.

7.50 am. Arrive @ work turn on all lights, & staff door keypad. Quick check of email before first phone call of day.

8.01 am. One of our library officers calls in sick. She is on cash and the middle desk shift. Rearrange desk roster to cover her absence.

8.05 am. Day Senior at another branch rings. They need a librarian to cover a 1-6 shift at Camberwell Branch. We don’t have a spare librarian so can’t help them out.

Get the library ready for 10 am opening.

10 am. Open the front doors. Almost get mown down by woman heading for 15 minute internets (you have to be fast to get out of her way – she takes no prisoners)

10.45. Tea break – just as the kids are starting to arrive for pre-school storytime.

11 am. Story time is in full swing. (we can hear it faintly through the meeting room door)

11.30 am. Kids start to head out from storytime.  The library suddenly becomes even more crowded and way noisier. The theme of storytime was penguins so we get to admire cardboard penguins with a variety of adornments & ornamentation.

One kid decides to investigate the cables at the back of the info. desk pc. Another is pulling books of shelves and handing them to me.

Until 1 o’clock i sign up new members, take meeting room payments, answer the phone, look for reservations on the shelves, answer reference enquiries, solve computer problems (bring about world peace?)

1 o’clock. Lunch

1.30 pm. check emails, finish entering nominated books for our 150 favourite books into the spreadsheet.

2 pm. We’re supposed to each do 30 minutes of rfid tagging everyday.  I’m a few days behind so start by dealing with the ‘rfid problems’ box (solve 90% of them) and then move on to tagging more books.

3.15 pm. Put the ‘to be rfid’ status on more of the collection.

3.30 – 5.30 pm. Council’s Communications Dept wants some of the photos I took at yesterdays morning tea for the Council staff newsletter.

In the course of the conversation I mentioned last year’s 365 photos project on Flickr  – she was very interested and wanted details.

A colleague at another branch wanted to discuss next week’s 150 celebrations at our Kew branch. We were also both looking for a quote that we could both remember having seen an email about  – but which neither of us could find.

Compiled a list of talking books on CD as I’m going audio book buying tomorrow morning & wanted to know what we’ve got and what we need.

5.30 pm. Knock off time.

6.30 pm. Dinner for a colleague who is retiring tomorrow.