So today was not a normal day.

Our Hawthorn Library was today celebrating 150 years of continuous library service to the municipality.

So we had birthday cake.

There were balloons.

and more balloons.

The public came, saw & morning tea’d.

That was the morning taken care of.

After lunch it was back to my home branch (Balwyn) where I got trained in the use of the new staff printer/photocopier/scanner thingy.

By the time I’d caught up on emails it was time to go on the info. desk for the 3.30-6.15 desk shift.

The library was reasonably busy – so it was go go go until (five minutes past) 6 pm when  I was finally able to lock the front door behind the last customer.

Tomorrow I’m Day Senior which means I get to unlock everything I locked tonight and switch on everything I switched off tonight.