I had too many clothes.

I have too many clothes.

So I’m trying to weed my wardrobe. Ideally I want to have 5 of everything.

5 winter work skirts/trousers

5 summer work skirts/trousers

5 winter work shirts/tops

5 summer work shirts/tops

5 lightweight jackets/cardigans for work (the office is warm in winter  & cold in summer)

You get the idea.

So how did I go?

Better than expected. I didn’t quite get down to 5 of each but I got closer than I expected.


4 winter skirts

3 winter trousers

6 winter shirts/tops

3 cardigans

2 jumpers

3 vests


8 summer skirts/trousers (this will probably decrease once I start wearing summer gear)

11 summer shirts/tops (this will probably decrease once I start wearing summer gear)

So although I didn’t quite reach my goal I’m happy with how close i got.

With the winter gear I started with a few more items  than I ended up with but after the first 4 weeks I weeded anything from the winter wardrobe that I hadn’t worn and will do the same once I make the transition from winter wardrobe to summer wardrobe.

I’ve also tackled jeans, shorts, sleepwear, exercise gear.

Next up is the big one – t shirts. I love t shirts and have waaaaaay too  many.

Will let you know how I go.