So HannerCymraes superb blog about the wharfie put me in a reflective mood and had me thinking about why I wanted to work in public libraries.

Cos so far in 2010 work has been crap – interspersed occasionally with episodes of enjoyment & inspiration (ie: vala2010) but largely just crap which of course leads to thoughts of why I’m still doing this job (apart from the obvious; no-one else will hire me).

So what do I like about my job?

The people I work with – (most of them, most of the time). We make a great & supportive team and I’m happy to be on the desk with any of them.

The Public – some of them, some of the time.

There’s Enid who rings up & makes appointments to come in and see me so I can recommend books for her (she thinks I have great taste in crime novels). So far she has pissed off 2 Team Leaders with her determination to speak to me at various times.

There are the ‘booktalk regulars’ who genuinely appreciate the effort we put in to preparing the booktalks.

But there’s more to the job than people.

My ‘non information desk time’ is split probably 50/50 (maybe 60/40) between stuff that i enjoy doing and stuff that I don’t enjoy doing.

The non enjoyment stuff I approach with the grim determination (fatalism?)  that characterised my eating of pumpkin when I was a kid.  (I loathe pumpkin unless it’s in soup!)

As a child I would always eat the pumpkin first -munching away at it with grim determination because I knew I would not be allowed to move onto dessert until all the food on my plate was eaten (by me). If I ate the dreaded pumpkin first then I could finish with the foods I liked.

So I try & do the yukky work tasks first (after coffee!) then move onto the boring, repetitive stuff and eventually the good, fun stuff.

Only lately the work seems to be mainly yukky & boring with not much fun so i guess the question is where do I go from here?

How do I recapture the enthusiasm for work that I once had?

Answers on a postcard please.