So when I finished HSC I got a 12 month job on the loans desk at the Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne.

There were 13 of us on the Loans Desk @ Baillieu – for a first job it was a good place to work. A great bunch of people.

We loaned the books out, and we crossed them  off when they were returned.

I remember vividly being shown the correct way to write the overdue notices.

Student overdue notices were addressed to M/-  student name

Academic staff notices were addressed by title. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc. However, under no circumstances, were we to shorten the title Professor to Prof. That was a hanging offence.

Later I transferred to the Orders Department. My job was to check the typed orders (we had a typist who typed them in triplicate) and separate them into two piles.

The original was sent to the supplier the other two copies were filed.

Once the books arrived, one copy formed the basis of the cataloguing record, the other was filed as a record of receipt.

I was alos responsible for the Australiana standing order plan and the German standing order plan. When the approvals arrived I called the relevant Professors and got them to come to the library and make their selections.

Each November & December I was seconded into the Library Accounts department to help out with Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. (Back then the library worked on a January to December financial year).

I miss the people I worked with at the Baillieu – they were, by and large, a great group of people.