So the final day of VALA2010 dawned. This time I was ready for the 8.45 start.

Day 3 was to be a day of difficult decisions and choices. It was pretty much the first time all conference that I’d wanted to be at more that one concurrent session at the same time. (Several times today I wanted to be at all 3 concurrent sessions!)

Never mind – I made my choices and contented myself with following the other sessions on the twitter backchannel – not quite the same as being there but better than nowt.

So what did I learn?

CaseyCardinia have 5 blogs and lots of people who blog for them. I so want to know how they get staff to blog. Cos I can’t seem to manage it at my work – even people who should, by virtue of their position, blog won’t. Aaaargh.

Lots of Library staff took part in web 2.0 programs/projects and enjoyed the process and became converts (in my case the words zealot & narcissist have been bandied about)

Next time I’m in Christchurch I need to explore the Library in more depth than I did last time. They are doing some interesting & innovative work with web 2 tools – & user generated content.

Online communities

SLNSW using wikis for staff development.

Social networking sites. Lots of people will accept friend requests on social networking sites – security concerns. Think those games – mothers maiden name, name of first pet, first school, – often questions that are used as security questions. Identity fraud/theft.

Mackenzie Wark – offered to give his book a way free on cd or usb – people still wanted to buy the physical artifact as well.

Put his work-in-progress online and called for comments some of which were incorporated into finished product.


get more people to blog

look at ways of harnessing current inspiration & innovation at work.

Ponder attending the innovation forum in ACT later this year.

Thanks once again CoBLS for letting me loose @ VALA.

NLA had great onya bags which they were giving away for free.