Day 2 didn’t start quite as well as I would have liked. I missed the bit in the program that said 8.45 start and instead strolled in at 9 having spent a relaxing 40 minutes or so drinking coffee & watching the yarra river flow by. So I missed the first part of  the plenary (sorry Marshall)

Got a technical sort-of- behind-the-scenes look at Trove from the NLA.  I’d played with it previously, now I’m a convert – (so  much so that I think CoBLS should do a Click goes session on using Trove)

Stephanie Orlic, despite technical hiccups , told us (and was eventually able to show us)  about the Louvre Museum’s multimedia lab and work in partnership with DNP in Japan. Cool stuff, innovative & engaging. (Thinks expanded co-operation between libraries & town hall gallery?)

Best presentation title: Everything I learned about cataloguing  I learned from watching James Bond.