I was lucky enough to be able to attend all 3 days of VALA2010 (thank you CoBLS) and I was continually inspired & challenged (and I have to say a tad daunted) by the innovative services being offered by other libraries & librarians.

Here’s a sample of what I learned …

Day One.

CCLC have set up a new library website using Drupal which is a free (I think?) open source solution. They chose Drupal over Joomla even tho’ drupal is supposedly harder to learn – it was better suited to their goals. The web site looks great.

My learnings – I want to play with Drupal now. I’ve played with Joomla (I have it installed on my old laptop – & I’d thought seriously about going to the Melbourne Joomla day) but now I want to have a go at Drupal cos it looks like it could be extremely useful.

Information Commons @ Auckland Univerity. Next time I’m in Auckland I’m definitely going to have a look at it.  I  was interested in some of their computer use tactics and, as Camberwell Library is moving into a larger location,  I think some of them could be adapted to a smaller, public library environment.

My learnings – group computer usage, individual, quiet areas, noisy areas,  expanded internet assist type program.

What will the library of 2015 be like? UTS had some cool vids to show us.

The OpenCalais Project – semantic web & free. Give it a lump of text & it basically returns it as semantic metadata.  (Had great fun playing with this when I got home)

Afternoon Tea – Mini magnums .

So there you have it my brief highlights from Day 1.

Tired, invigorated, inspired.