Today is Day 1 of Library day in the Life 2010. So what did I do all day?

My boss was just back from 4 weeks leave so in her absence i had inflicted my own particular brand of reign of terror on the branch.

So I rocked into work at 9.15 am (coffee in hand) and immediately found that she’d moved back into her office(!) which I had  left nice & tidy for her.  I pointed out that the unopened packet of  jelly babies that she’d left on her desk before she went away were still there, unopened (albeit dusty).

I also briefed her on the library related stuff that had happened in her absence & what I’d done about them. (Two resignations, new pc rollout problems, weeding, training, rostering, rfiding, internet complaints etc., etc., etc.,)

Then it was off to my desk to check my emails.

Most were eventbrite bookings –  we’ve been using eventbrite for school holiday programs for over 12 months and we’re now using it for author talks & internet demos & the like.

We use a gmail account for eventbrite bookings and i get the emails forwarded to my work email so that I can act on any problems, queries, cancellations as they arise rather than having to remember to check the gmail accounts separately.

After a quick teabreak it was on to requests. Patrons can request that the library service purchase particular items. My job is to check that all the details are correct and then forward the requests to the appropriate Team Leader (Adult Services or Youth Services). Reference requests go to Balwyn’s Info. Librarian.

A software upgrade last year means that the requests module defaults to Request for InterLibrary Loan  (which incurs a charge) rather than Request for Purchase (which does not incur a charge).  There were 37 purchase requests which I dealt with before checking InterLibrary Loan requests. There were 6 ILL requests that should have been Purchase requests – I fixed these & removed the charges – then headed out for lunch.

After lunch I whipped up an Australia Day display for the library before doing a bit of work on a flyer for an upcoming author talk, and doing some planning for Library Lovers Day (which falls on a Sunday this year which may scupper some of my plans).

A restorative Pepsi Max & it was out to the info desk for  2.75 hr desk shift.

Sample of enquiries:

A Bible for a citizenship ceremony. (no problem)

A book by that woman who writes in Botswana (Alexander McCall Smith)

Will the Internets be available tomorrow (No, it’s a public holiday & the library is closed.) I know the library is closed I just wondered if the internets would be available.

A young man wishing to join the library cos he’s just turned 10 & mum said he could have his own library card when he’s 10. (Welcome to the library Ben)

I also let the boss go home a bit early, shelved a kazillion magazines, looked for items available for allocation, got almost all the patrons out on time, tidied the library, closed & locked the library.

So there you have it. A day in the life of a Collection Maintenance & Adult Services Librarian.

Reading it back it reads much busier than it felt.