I’ve never yet found a diary or planner or filofax that’s ‘quite right’.

And it’s not for want of trying.

For about five years I persevered with a ‘personal size’ filofax – which I liked the idea of – size wise but could never get the right combination of pages etc that suited me.

Son in 2008 I decided that I needed to go up to A5 size (figuring that the problem was that personal size was fine for personal stuff but completely wrong for work)

So I invested in a Franklin Covey A5 system. I persevered with it for 6 months but it was so not me as it turned out. For a start it weighed too much – I wanted something that could suit work & home use – so I would be carrying it with me all the time.

Secondly it didn’t open flat – which annoyed me greatly.

Last year I switched to a moleskine. I liked the idea of week on one page and a page for notes. This actually worked pretty well.

Main problem was that Saturday  & Sunday were half slots – I work a roster in which saturday & sundays are often ‘normal’ days with a full regimen of work scheduled so my ‘ideal’ diary would have equal slots for each day.

The moleskine was ‘ok’ for 2009 but I knew there must be something better out there for 2010…