Lunch – wraps, sandwiches, fruit, pepsi max.

Web 2.0 (Michelle McLean – CaseyCardinia)

Michelle ran through various web 2.o tools & which libraries were using them. CoBLS is using all of them except 2(?).  One we’re supposed to be using (& I’m supposed to be doing it -ooops); the other we should be using (imho) and when i get back to work I’ll be having a look at it in more depth.

my learnings

must back up blogs (blogbackup, backuputility)

google analytics on blogs

set up searches for mentions of CoBLS (netvibes)


using delicious @ info desks

What does your library need and for what purpose.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and to pull the plug if it doesn’t work.

Darebin Library Website

The scheduled speaker had pulled out so the web designer from darebin stepped in and spoke about creating the Darebin Library website. He spoke about accessibility, no flash etc., uncluttered design, easy to update, easy to navigate.

Yarra Plenty – Bibliocommons

(Also replacing the scheduled speaker) Fiona from YPRL spoke about their new library system (bibliocommons) which they will be launching next year.

Afternoon tea

yummy cakes plus tea, coffee, water

Final session.

Pam Saunders (Gen X library user)

Belongs to many different library services, talked about what she expected/wanted from a library in terms of customer service, website, e-newsletter etc.)

Elwyn Murray (Gen Y)

Graphic Design student. Spoke about how he and a some fellow artists got a grant and produced a book of their art. Spoke about using social media (mainly fb) to promote the launch.

Was asked why a book (given the amount of time he spends online etc.) His response – they could have used the money to fund a high end website and asked people to donate but they felt that if people are paying money they want something tangible (like a book) in return.

Although Elwyn didn’t talk about libraries as such I found his talk to be really interesting because of the way he & his fellow artists had gone about producing their work, and the methods they used to promote and launch it.

Marketing Awards presentation

CaseyCardinia – for their Quicksand (teen) blog.

Eastern Regional – for their program (in partnership with Borders) which enables library patrons to purchase books for the library from Borders (20% discount).

The End.

An interesting & thought provoking day. I have added several things to my ‘must think about when I get back from holidays’ list.