Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Libmark Digital Marketing Seminar (thank you CoBLS) @ William Angliss Conference Centre.

First speaker up was Darren Sharp from Collabforge on Social Media, Marketing & Public Libraries.

– What are you trying to achieve (website, blog, twitter etc.)

– it’s about discussion, debate, feedback

– common purpose, group forming networks, self organised

– reputation/trust (build them)

– how can we leverage new forms of value to engage?

– enable crowdsourcing

Interesting presentation. Great stat showing that gen z are less active in social networking than gen y & baby boomers.

ETA: 35-44 yr olds represent the largest demographic online at 2.3 million. Even the 45-55 age group outnumbers the 18 -24 year olds. (from Darren’s presentation. Click here to view the presentation.

P.S. If you look at slide 17  –  I’m the main contributor to 3 of the 6, & minor contributor to 2 of the 6. Feeling quite proud of myself! (& shallow!)


Second speaker up was Matthew Hunter from Thorpe-Bowker talking about aquabrowser for libraries, librarything for libraries, & Booksinprint 2.0.

Aquabrowser looks like fun – though in one of the examples – chick lit was paired with alzheimers (scary thought), in another – cyberpunk & baroque.

I really liked the layout of aquabrowser (tho’ it may be the way auckland uses it).

It used the third of a screen approach. One third of the screen displayed the search term as a tag cloud.

The search term features in the middle of the tag cloud with related terms radiating out of it.

In a different colour are alternate spellings (something that library catalogues have needed for ages).

In the central third is the ‘standard’ search results display.

The other third contains search refinement options (format etc.)


Librarything for libraries – people are having fun with it, it’s a useful addition to the catalogue.


Globalbooksinprint soon to be rebranded as Books in Print 2.0.