July 27 was the 2nd annual Library day in the life so – what the heck – here’s how I spent my work day.

I work in a Public Library in Melbourne.

I should point out that it wasn’t a typical Monday for me.

For the past five weeks I’ve been Acting Team Leader at my branch but today my boss came back to work so I went from being ’empress of all I survey’ to Collection Maintenance & Adult Services Librarian. (my usual job).

So I rocked in to work at 9.15, coffee in hand, to look at the disaster that is my desk area.

It’s not usually this bad but there is a computer in a box sitting on the floor behind my chair. It was put there cos the Civ guy reckoned he’d be back in 2 days to set it up. That was 7 weeks ago. (pssst anyone want to buy a pc!)

Signed in, checked the roster for changes as I walked past, logged onto my pc, checked my pigeonhole for notes from the weekend, collected my reservations; then it was 9.30 and the call for ‘all hands on deck’ to help with the van run, reservations and getting the library ready for 10 o’clock opening.

9.45- 11. Read and replied to emails, updated my to do list, renewed my loans, started working my way through the requests module.

11 – 12.15. Briefed boss on what had happened while she was away.  This included showing her my plans for world domination (aka new shelving, new partial workroom layout).

12.15 – 12.30 added things to my to do list.

After lunch I headed out on the Info desk (I was splitting the shift with another librarian). In a (rare) quiet moment I wanded the newly processed reservations through returns and sent them on their merry way to the requested pickup locations.

Then it was back to my desk and back to the requests. As patrons can request items themselves the details for each request have to be rechecked (if indeed there any details other than  author title there at all)

Worked on the requests until 2.30 when I switched my attention to XML. I know some XML (from a previously pondered career change into the help desk area) so I was looking at what we  needed to do to install a gadget/widget/doohickey on our web page.

Couldn’t test the doohickey at work so will need to try it out when I get home.

3.30 –  3.45 Afternoon tea – found a freddo frog in my desk drawer – bonus

3.45 – 4.15  Wrote a list of the technology that I need to beg, borrow, or steal, for the technology petting zoo I’m running in September.

4.15 – 5.15  Checked where I was at with ongoing projects.  Created a survey for web 2.0 project. Followed up on possible author visit for November.  Did some  more work on the Personal Finance booklist I’m updating. Tried to think of something interesting to blog about for the library blog (epic fail there may I say).

5.15 – 5.45  Read and replied to emails, updated my to do list, checked my diary for tomorrow, tidied my desk (as much as was possible).

5.45  Log off PC, get bag, sign off, head out the door (and decide in a moment of complete insanity to walk  all the way home)

Eventually arrive home. Doohickey installation doesn’t work. Swear and give up for the evening.

Tomorrow is another day.